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The University of Northumbria has been named as the Sunday Times' best modern university in the UK for the third consecutive year
(Autumn 1998, 1999 and 2000)

Once again Northumbria is proud to be listed as Best New University in the Sunday Times’ annual university league table, finishing higher than any new university has done before.

Northumbria's ranking was based on six distinct areas - teaching quality, research quality, A level points, employment, the number of firsts and 2:1s awarded and the student/staff ratio.

Professor Gilbert Smith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Northumbria, said: "This further confirmation of our status as the leading modern university in the UK is a significant achievement in an increasingly competitive arena."

"Being singled out as one of the most outstanding universities enhances our reputation for excellence, in particular for the quality of our teaching and learning and the support we offer to students."

"While Northumbria is maintaining its reputation for excellence, a focused research and development profile, the quality of our business partnerships and our drive to be a successful international university are set to make us distinctive."

The University of Northumbria at Newcastle... Carlisle... and Longhirst

The University has four separate campuses, two of them in Newcastle upon Tyne. The largest is in the centre of Newcastle, while the smaller Coach Lane Campus is on the outskirts of the city on the way to the coast.

North of Newcastle is the most recent addition to the University, the Longhirst campus and to the west in Cumbria is the University of Northumbria at Carlisle. Some of our courses can be taken at more than one campus.